Simple to use. Easy to manage. Incredibly smart.

Seamless integration, no on-boarding required.

Seamless App

No more keys or cards. No more onboarding each and every user. 9/10 rating from thousands of our users.

Open through app
Uses bluetooth to remotely open lock, removing the need to manage loose keys or cards.
Digital receipt
App displays current and past reservations, locker number and hire time.
Option to store phone
Users able to set up a 4-digit pin to open the locker by using the keypad.
Notifications for shared use
Users can be prompted to end bookings within shared lockers to prevent hoarding.
Yellowbox User App with Open Button
Use of phone limits use of shared interfaces, users areassigned the locker that has been idle the longest.
Options for height accessible users to be allocated to appropriate lockers.
24/7 in-app user support
Users have access to a live chat function, reducing the required maintenance and setup.
Public location: Charge Users
Venues have the ability to charge users for use and generate revenue. For info about public use lockers, click here.

Management on the go

Real-time visibility and control. Easy to manage multiple locations.

Master key to open any locker
Similar to the user app, the management app can choose and open any locker.
Open all lockers at once
Management app boasts a 3-second Open All button, to open all lockers in a cluster.
Real-time visibility over usage
Real-time visibility over usage and the status of each locker.
Control over usage and lockers
Ability to cancel current bookings and disable lockers.
Yellowbox Management App with grid of lockers
Audit trail snapshot
View log of recent uses and opens within the app.    
Support and ticket raising
Ticket raising and support available within the management app.  
Emergency mode
Emergency toggle blocks locker re-entry and notifies users to evacuate.
Manage multiple locations
Single account can manage multiple locations and locker clusters.

For seriously smart spaces

Web Dashboard & Analytics

Data and custom features suited to your needs.
Analytics Dashboard features, with visual graphs, grid of lockers with status, and an audit trail

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