Yellowbox Launches Experience Driven Digital Cloakroom

September 1, 2020

The long sobering line, the scour to find cash and the small ticket that you need to protect with your life. Does this sound like the optimal cloakroom experience? For decades, consumers have had to endure these barriers in order to enjoy their night out hands-free.

Now this doesn’t mean provisioning a cloakroom has been a cakewalk for venue managers. At the best of times, cloakrooms are a costly, logistical nightmare, in terms of servicing, staff and space. Not to mention the liability issues that come with safeguarding belongings.

This is where Yellowbox has leveraged smart IoT lock technology to roll out digital cloakrooms, designed to transform the consumer and venue manager experience. For consumers, they can find the venue, reserve and open their locker through the click of a button, all on the Yellowbox app.

Payments are handled through the app, similar to ride sharing apps like Uber, and the app keeps track of the booking and the locker number. Therefore ensuring a cashless, waitless, ticketless experience for consumers.

Not only has Yellowbox provided an experience fit for consumers, but has also taken the burden off venue managers. Since the technology is app based and Yellowbox provides 24/7 in-app support, it is completely self-serve and hands-off for staff.

Yellowboxes are battery powered (lasting a year), meaning no electricity constraints, and are space efficient, taking up a fifth of space a traditional cloakroom would require. Consumers accept liability through terms within the app, and venue managers have visibility over the cloaking experience.

A Managers app is provided to the venue manager, which monitors usage of the lockers being used in real-time, with the ability to open, disable and refund bookings.

Best of all, Yellowbox covers the cost of the digital cloakroom and organises a revenue share with the venue.

Hospitality and Entertainment venues such as 2019 Nightclub of the Year, The Cliff Dive and Side Bar have installed Yellowbox’s Digital Cloakroom solution over the provision of their own cloakroom, giving Yellowbox an average rating and partner satisfaction score of 9.5/10.

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