Yellowbox Completes Retrofit Transformation of Lockers at Coogee Beach

October 6, 2020

Yellowbox recently completed the transformation of all the public lockers at Coogee Beach into experience driven smart-lockers. This involved the retrofit of Yellowbox smart lock technology onto the existing joinery, replacing the previously installed mechanical locks.

Since retrofitting a bank of lockers at Coogee Beach in December last year, Yellowbox has rolled out leisure activity lockers into more beaches and aquatic centres within Randwick City Council, and has just completed the retrofit of all remaining lockers at Coogee Beach.

Yellowbox team with the Mayor of Randwick City Council at Coogee Beach (Post Transformation)

The previously installed mechanical locks (as seen on the right) caused issues for the lifeguards on duty. Having been supplied by a security company without any support or incentive to replace broken locks, the council were solely responsible for maintaining and servicing the lockers.

Due to the rusting on the non-resistant mechanical locks, and the ability to lock out multiple locks from the outside, the lifeguards would be required to tend to queries from the public about the non-operational locks.

The inability to see which lockers were in use, was a critical pain point for the lifeguards, and the council. This led to extensive lost property procedures, when users left their items inside, having to resort to a logbook system to keep track.

Mechanical Locks at Coogee Beach (Pre Transformation)

Yellowbox was able to retrofit and upgrade the lockers, installing rust and water-resistant lock technology, fit for the aquatic environments. By providing a self-serve locker booking system, with customer servicing and support, the lifeguards were relieved of their locker servicing roles, saving countless hours of servicing mechanical locks.

Since Yellowbox locks do not need electricity, the retrofit and installation was seamless and simple. Through a management dashboard and app, Yellowbox provided the lifeguards and council with visibility over usage, including real time usage metrics, the ability to open all lockers and contact information for lost property.

“Randwick City Council and Yellowbox have worked together to deliver a smart beachgoing experience with lockers that are easy to use, secure and cost effective. Residents love the ability to reserve a locker in advance and swim without having to worry about their belongings. They can even lock their phone away and open with a PIN, meaning more swimming” added Anthony Collis, Manager Technology Systems at Randwick City Council.

Once setting a 4-digit personal pin within the app, users are able to store their phones. Users are then able to retain that code for all their Yellowbox locker bookings, resulting in a simple three-tap booking process for consistent beach-goers. Through user and partner feedback, Yellowbox is able to continuously improve the user and facility manager experience through technology.

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