Yellowbox Announces COVID-19 Technology Upgrades

September 9, 2020

Leisure managers and operators have been forced to innovate to ensure their facilities are able to be opened up and enjoyed by customers. Screens at entry desks, contact free online booking systems, and QR code scanners, have been implemented to reduce staff and customer interaction, limit shared touch points, maintain capacity and retain customer details.

Despite this, the customer experience has been significantly altered, due to the high touch nature of key amenities, in particular lockers. This is where Yellowbox has leveraged its technology to be the most COVID-ready locker system on the market.

Yellowbox lockers are operated through an app, which ensures that users don’t need to use a shared interface or keys to book and open a locker. Of course, each locker has an electronic pin pad, in case users want to store their phones, where they can input a four-digit pin code through the app which allows them to open up their locker after storing their phone.

The use of app technology allows for cashless monetisation, similar to ride sharing and food delivery apps. Since Yellowbox provides users with in-app support, the system is completely self-serve and requires no human interaction. Nonetheless, Yellowbox has continued to evolve the product, recently releasing another upgrade to further reduce the risk of shared touch points.

In order to reduce consecutive locker use, Yellowbox has implemented an auto-allocation algorithm, which allocates users to the locker that has been idle the longest. This ensures lockers are not consecutively used, reducing the risk of COVID-19.
“As a technology company, we’ve leveraged the fact that we can perform consistent upgrades to our technology remotely through app updates to ensure our partners and venues are providing the safest and most comfortable user experience possible”, Ben Delaney, Chief Technology Officer of Yellowbox.

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