Installation Spotlight: Des Renford Leisure Centre

August 10, 2020

The Des Renford Leisure Centre (DRLC) is an award winning facility located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It operates state of the art gym, aerobics and pool facilities with over 500,000 visitors per year.

Lockers that had been installed in previous had depreciated within the harsh aquatic environment. Alongside this, in order to use the lockers, customers were required to bring their own locks.

This created an obstacle for customers, who did not naturally carry along their own padlock and key, resulting in low usage. Furthermore, staff would be required to forcefully remove locks that customers had attached and not retrieved.

As a leading aquatic and recreational facility, the Des Renford Leisure Centre strives to provide the best experience for its customers. Through partnering with Yellowbox, the leisure centre was able to leverage technology to implement a customer-focused storage solution.

This app based solution ensured that any customer with a phone could reserve and open a yellowbox locker on the spot, and store their phone, through setting a four-digit code. Loyal customers of the leisure centre now receive a consistent, secure and tailored experience during their daily or weekly swim and gym.

Here is how it works.

For the facility and aquatic operational managers, Yellowbox provided a custom management app to provide visibility and control over the locker system and usage. The self-serve and in-app support mechanisms ensured onsite staff were not required to tend to the lockers. This of course, did not stop them from being excited about the technology and looking to learn more through a lively in-person demonstration and Q&A.

The option of implementing a retrofit of Yellowbox technology on the previous lockers was bypassed to install Yellowbox lockers, designed to suit aquatic and leisure environments in terms of durability, utilising high pressure laminate material.

The app based system, allows Yellowbox to continually make upgrades to the experience, e.g. Yellowbox has recently implemented COVID measures to reduce numerous uses of the same locker. Through the app, customers are assigned the locker of their chosen size that has been idle the longest. This means that for a given size, each locker will be used before the most recently used locker will be used again.

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