Innovative Local Startup Disrupts Locker Industry

August 12, 2020

Yellowbox, an Australian startup has developed locker technology with a focus on experience for both users and facility managers. The technology was recently launched at multiple beaches, aquatic and leisure centres within Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

For users, the yellowbox app allows them to find their closest locker through a live map. They can reserve ahead of time and choose an appropriate size.

Through bluetooth, they can simply tap the Open button which pops open the locker, so there is no need for any card, keys or bracelets. If they want to store their phone, they can set a personalised 4-digit code within the app, so they can unlock their locker without their phone.

Finally, it’s a completely cashless system, users input their details and only pay for the time they use. Yellowbox has modernised and optimised the short term storage experience, with the user journey for locals and visitors at the forefront.

Here is how it works.

The self-serve nature of the lockers and the 24/7 in-app support that Yellowbox provides, ensures onsite staff do not need to tend to the lockers. But this doesn’t mean facility managers aren’t in control. A personalised Managers App and Dashboard allows facility operators to open, monitor and disable lockers. 

As a technology company, Yellowbox provides more visibility to facility managers over their storage assets than ever before. The data generated can inform decision makers on how to maximise the value of their amenities. Sustainability and durability were key elements of the design process, the hardware designed to be weather-resistant and the material it for aquatic and marine environments e.g. beaches and aquatic centres.

Installation options are flexible and include the ability to be retrofitted on existing lockers. Since the technology is battery powered (lasting a year on average), Yellowbox lockers aren’t restricted to locations with electricity outlets. Yellowbox is also able to monitor battery levels as lockers are used. The smart-lockers are decentralised with a smart lock on each door and do not depend on one central computer. Thus, if one lock runs out of battery, all the other lockers will continue to function without interference.

In terms of revenue, there is a strong business case for a technology upgrade since users can pay per hour of use through the app. This gives facility managers the ability to monetise and generate revenue, without having to manage the purchase process.

Through app updates, Yellowbox is able to continually upgrade the user and facility manager experience to meet special circumstances, e.g. COVID measures have been implemented to reduce shared touch points, with users automatically assigned the locker that has been idle the longest.

The Yellowbox system was developed to optimise the user and facility manager experience, disrupting a lagging industry with continuously enhanced technology.

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