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State Library Lockers

Yellowbox leads the market, Installs Locker Technology at Iconic Sydney Landmark

Yellowbox completed the installation of 348 smart lockers at the State Library of NSW, after competing in a public tender. This solution proved to be market leading, having replaced the previous locker system that had been active for over five years.

Mosman Swim Centre Yellowbox Lockers

Yellowbox Installs Smart Locker Technology at BlueFit’s Mosman Swim Centre

The Mosman Swim Centre completed the installation of new Yellowbox self-serve smart lockers, as part of their $2m refurbishment of a new pool, change room and facilities.

Yellowbox Stories: Meet Ashwin

Welcome to the first entry in our series about real people’s experience with Yellowbox smart-lockers. In this series of personal stories, we’ll be looking at how people interact with yellowboxes. Let’s meet Ashwin, a structural engineer working at Arcadis, where Yellowbox has retrofitted the old key-based lockers to smart lockers.

Arcadis Yellowbox Lockers

Going Smart: Arcadis upgrades from lock-in-key to smart locks

Rotterdam Offices (Delftse Poort) had previously managed their lockers through a key-based system, maintained manually by using a physical log of which key was assigned to which employee. Arcadis has since upgraded their key-based system with new Yellowbox smart-locks, allowing employees to reserve and open their locker using only their mobile phone.

Case Study: Randwick City Implements Engaging Smart City Technology

Over the past year, Randwick City Council has leveraged smart-city technology to enhance public spaces and security within the community. By implementing a network of Yellowbox smart-lockers at activity-based venues such as beaches and leisure and aquatic centres, locals and visitors have gained peace of mind through engagement with technology.

Arcadis Yellowbox Lockers

What is a Smart Locker and what are the types of Smart Lockers on the market?

Simple school lockers, gym lockers, swimming pool lockers and office lockers have been used for decades to provide a secure space to create peace of mind for users. Thus, lockers have been a critical amenity provided in public and private spaces. Although traditional lockers have posed many issues for venue managers and users. There has been a clear need to improve the usability, security for the public, flexibility to meet demand, develop visibility over usage and create efficient monetisation capabilities.