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Yellowboxes in Smart buildings
Smart buildings, interactive offices and intelligent offerings… this is the future of A grade commercial property as we know it. Lifts without buttons, front gates that scan phones instead of pass and sensor technologies for lighting and airconditioning are just some of the smart initiatives buildings are implementing. However no building would be complete without state of the art end-of-trip (EoT) facilities or ergonomic solutions in their office. 

This is where yellowbox can help, with our intelligent locker system offering. Yellowbox smart lockers provide tenants with a storage solution whether that’s in the EoT facilities after riding a bike to work or up in their office to store a bag. Yellowboxes can be run “on-demand” meaning as soon as someone is finished using a locker for a couple hours it becomes available again, or specific lockers can be assigned to people permanently such as your anchor tenant executives. 
Tenants open and book their yellowboxes all from the smart phones and can be done via the yellowbox app itself or through an integration into your own smart building apps. 

Yellowbox also provides comprehensive analytics and dashboards on exactly how your yellowboxes are being used, in real-time.

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