Lockers users already know how to use

Self-serve, cashless and no central console required

Smart Spaces

Enhances the citizen and visitor experience and liveability. Community engagement and awareness of smart city strategies.

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Aquatic and Leisure Centres

Optimise the experience at your venue, allowing users to store their phone and enjoy their activity.

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Experiential Retail

Hands-free shoppers are happier shoppers. Customers stay longer, try on more items, and spend more with yellowbox.

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Entertainment Venues

Your digital cloakroom, uses 1/5th the floor space of a traditional cloakroom. Zero waiting times, cashless and keyless.

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Yellowbox Completes Retrofit Transformation of Lockers at Coogee Beach

Yellowbox recently completed the transformation of all the public lockers at Coogee Beach into experience driven smart-lockers. This involved the retrofit of Yellowbox smart lock technology onto the existing joinery, replacing the previously installed mechanical locks.

Yellowbox Announces COVID-19 Technology Upgrades

Leisure managers and operators have been forced to innovate to ensure their facilities are able to be opened up and enjoyed by customers. Screens at entry desks, contact free online booking systems, and QR code scanners, have been implemented to reduce staff and customer interaction, limit shared touch points, maintain capacity and retain customer details.

Yellowbox Launches Experience Driven Digital Cloakroom

Yellowbox has leveraged smart IoT lock technology to roll out digital cloakrooms, designed to transform the consumer and venue manager experience. For consumers, they can find the venue, reserve and open their locker through the click of a button, all on the Yellowbox app.

Crunching the Numbers - A Smart Cities & Suburbs Funding Analysis

It’s been almost 3 years since the Ministry of Urban Infrastructure and Population announced the first smart cities and suburbs fund for $27m which was followed on by a second round of funding for $21m a year later. I’ve taken the liberty to put some of my banking background to some use and have crunched the numbers.

Yellowbox User at Coogee Beach

Innovative Local Startup Disrupts Locker Industry

Australian Startup Yellowbox has developed locker technology with a focus on experience for both users and facility managers. The technology was recently launched at multiple beaches, aquatic and leisure centres within Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, disrupting a lagging industry with continuously enhanced technology.

Installation Spotlight: Des Renford Leisure Centre

The Des Renford Leisure Centre (DRLC) is an award winning facility located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. It operates state of the art gym, aerobics and pool facilities with over 500,000 visitors per year. Through partnering with Yellowbox, the leisure centre was able to leverage technology to implement a customer-focused storage solution.

New Smart Lockers for Beaches, Aquatic and Leisure Centres

Over the past month, Yellowbox has launched new smart lockers at popular beaches, leisure and aquatic centres within Sydney. Through a partnership with Randwick City Council, Yellowbox has rolled out its new smart locker technology, fit for aquatic, leisure, beach and change room environments.

Bridging the gap between Smart Cities Strategies and Local Residents

Smart Cities Strategies provide incredible outcomes for councils in all aspects of public services. These outcomes will draw in investment of $189 billion (USD) in global spending on smart cities by 2023, forecasted by the IDC Worldwide Smart Cities Spending Guide.