Bridging the gap between smart city investments and citizens

“Yellowbox lockers are one of the most visible smart city initiatives we’ve done for residents and visitors to our beaches and aquatic centres.  Residents love the ability to reserve a locker in advance and swim without having to worry about their belongings.”

Anthony Collis - Smart City Lead, Randwick City Council
The disconnect
Less than 4% of citizens are aware of Smart City Initiatives
$189 billion will be spent on Smart Cities globally in 2023 yet citizens remain unaware of the work being done behind the scenes - the question is why?

It's because it's difficult for citizens to directly engage with technology they can't immerse themselves in. Yellowbox smart lockers is a smart city investment which ensures citizens directly interact with and experience the importance of Smart City innovation first hand.

Randwick City Council

  • A network of 100+ yellowboxes installed across Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach and the Des Renford Leisure Centre
  • Giving locals and visitors a consistent, engaging experience and the ability to access public assets in the palm of their hands
  • Aligned to council smart city outcomes of enhancing the citizen experience, improving mobility, strengthening governance and promoting innovation
  • To see our report on our engagement statistics
Maroubra Beach

24 yellowboxes were installed at Maroubra Beach lifesaving tower in March 2020. High pressure laminate was used to prevent rusting and weather damage.

Coogee Beach

40 yellowboxes are in operation at Coogee Beach. All beach yellowboxes have external keypads, which can be programmed with the users own personal PIN, allowing visitors to store their phone inside.

Des Renford Leisure Centre

44 yellowboxes are to be found at the aquatic and fitness centre in Randwick in close proximity to the two beach locations.

The yellowbox difference

App based network

Superior and consistent user experience, one app gives access to entire yellowbox network


Aesthetic, weather resistant and battery powered design perfect even for beach locations


Fully serviced with 24/7 support provided to users, hands-off for onsite staff


Provision of usage reports and a managers app which observes usage of invested assets