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Yellowbox Smart Lockers

  • Optimal aquatic experience - ability to store your phone and be truly hands free.
  • Data visibility and locker control through Managers App with quarterly usage reports.
  • Self-serve for users with customer service support, ensuring staff do not need to tend to the lockers.
  • Ease of installation options, including retrofitting existing lockers or new installation with joinery.
  • Monetisation and Revenue Share through the yellowbox app, as a cashless experience.

The yellowbox difference

No Electricity

Battery operated, runs an estimated year. Yellowbox monitors battery levels and automatically disables locks.


Aesthetic, weather resistant and uses High Pressure Laminate material. Perfect even for aquatic and marine environments e.g. beaches.

Managers App

Managers App able to monitor current bookings, with the ability to open and disable lockers, and end bookings.

Flexible Sizes

Columns can be manufactured to contain multiple sizes e.g. extra small (wallet and phones) to luggage sized lockers.

COVID Measures

Users are automatically assigned a locker (after choosing size) which has been idle the longest, reducing shared touch points.

Case Study: Des Renford Leisure Centre

  • Yellowbox implemented a smart app operated solution that allowed any customer with a mobile phone to use a yellowbox locker on the spot and store their phone.
  • Yellowbox hardware is designed to withstand harsh aquatic and marine environments to maximise lifespan.
  • Yellowbox provided the partner with greater visibility and control over usage through a management dashboard.
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  • Yellowbox will supply the lockers for free and provide a revenue share to the venue as customers pay for use per hour. Venue will only pay for installation.
  • For venues looking to provide lockers as a free amenity to users, please contact us for a quote.
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