Hands-free patrons stay longer and spend more. Ditch the cloakroom and go digital.

Tech in a nightclub? 
One of the largest trends within the entertainment and hospitality industry revolves around leveraging technology to enhance the consumer experience.
As customer expectations are constantly growing, one of the largest burdens to a customer experience remains the extended wait-time a customer needs to endure, just to be hands-free or meet security requirements.

Experience focused technology like Yellowbox ensures a seamless cloaking process. Customers can book a smart-locker ahead of time and unlock with a simple click of a button. Therefore no cash required, waiting time, long lines or tickets to keep a hold of.

Case Study: The Cliff Dive

As nightclub of the year in 2019, The Cliff Dive is no stranger to providing an incredible customer experience. Although this didn’t stop the countless times that customers would demand a cloakroom service to gain peace of mind whilst being immersed in the music and the tropical atmosphere. The Cliff Dive had previously tried a cloakroom service, then quickly realised the amount of space, staffing, logistics and liability to maintain one was incredibly taxing. The customer journey would be ruined, with customers having to encounter another dreaded waiting line, forced to find cash and hold onto a small ticket for the night. Whilst on the logistical side, it was impossible to find a space given regulatory restrictions, and the logistics of managing staffing, lost items and lost tickets was a nightmare.

Yellowbox provided The Cliff Dive with their own digital cloakroom, which took up minimal space (less than one square metre), required no staffing and provided a seamless, waitless, ticketless experience for customers. The Cliff Dive has given Yellowbox a 10/10 NPS (partner satisfaction score), based on the experience provided and the core problem that had been solved.


  • Yellowbox will supply the lockers for free and provide a revenue share to the venue as customers pay for use per hour. Venue will only pay for installation.
  • For venues looking to provide lockers as a free amenity to users, please contact us for a quote.
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