Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I store my bag in Sydney?
Yellowbox bag-sized smart-lockers can be found in convenience stores around Sydney CBD. Lockers can be found in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Find your closest one below.
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2. Where can I find storage near me?
Yellowbox lockers are self-serve cash-less smart lockers that can be hired on demand near you! Find your closest one and use the app to open.
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3. Can I store my belongings and phone at the beach?
Yes, our Yellowbox lockers have keypads, so you can open the locker and set a four digit code through your phone, store your phone, and then when you come back, use the code (that you set up earlier) to open up the locker.
How yellowbox works
4. Where is the closest nightclub with a cloakroom?
Yellowbox self-serve smart-lockers can be found at nightclubs like The Cliff Dive and Side Bar, allowing you to enjoy your time hands-free! No need to wait in line or go to an ATM for cash, Yellowbox lockers are cashless, so use the app to find one closest to you.
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5. Where is yellowbox currently?
You can currently store your things in Sydney! Find your closest one below or locate and book via the Yellowbox app.
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6. How do I use yellowbox lockers?
All you need to do is get the app, find your closest locker on the map and open through the app! Store your things and close the door. When you come back, open it up through the app and finish. If at the beach, you can set a code to unlock your Yellowbox so you can store your phone!
How yellowbox works