Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers in relation to Yellowbox
Question 1

How does Yellowbox work for users?

The yellowbox app can be downloaded on the App or Play store for free. After creating an account, users can tap on their location, choose a size and then tap the Open button. The door will open through bluetooth, allowing the user to store their items! Then when the user is finished using the locker, the user can end their reservation in the app.

Question 2

Can I use Yellowbox lockers without an app?

Yellowbox lockers can only be reserved through the app. Although after reserving through the app, users can set a four digit pincode which can be used to unlock the locker without the app. This is used in order to store their phone.

Question 3

Are Yellowbox lockers COVID-safe?

Yes, since there are no central computer interfaces, users only need to use their own phone to unlock the lockers. The locker doors 'pop' open at the touch of the Open button on the app. Furthermore, users are assigned the locker that has been idle the longest, ensuring spaced out usage of shared lockers.

Question 4

What kind of lockers can Yellowbox be found on?

Yellowbox is incredibly flexible. Its wireless and non-need for Wi-Fi, ensures Yellowbox technology can be placed anywhere and applied to any locker, including steel, plastic and HPL materials.

Question 5

How is Yellowbox managed?

Yellowbox lockers are managed through an on the go management app, and with an analytics dashboard. Yellowbox provides a package of management and analytics features, found in the Product page.