Case Studies

Yellowbox has worked with a range of clients, to provide a complete hardware and software solution to meet their needs.

State Library of NSW

The State Library of NSW is the oldest library in Australia, known for being a large heritage-listed special collections, reference and research library open to the public.

The State Library of NSW has over 1M readers and visitors per year, and were looking for the supply and installation of over 300 lockers within two of their buildings.
Yellowbox lockers at the State Library of NSWYellowbox Lockers at State Library of NSW
They required a self-serve on-demand locker system that could differentiate library card holders from non-library card holders.

Furthermore, the system had to allow security staff to easily open lockers and a web interface for staff departments to administer the lockers.

The lockers needed to consider the ease of use for the elderly and people with disabilities (DDA).
Yellowbox installed an easy to use, self-serve locker system which allowed library card holders to use the lockers for free, through an open API integration. Cashless payments processing, ensured non-library card holders could still use the lockers.

The Yellowbox management app provided security staff with visibility over current usage, and the ability to open all lockers with the touch of a button. The analytics dashboard allowed staff departments to book lockers and analyse historical usage.

A self-serve web-interface was also provided for users without mobile phones. The app and self-serve interface was able to allocate height appropriate lockers based on disability and easy access requirements.
Yellowbox lockers at the State Library of NSW

Arcadis Smart Building (Delftse Poort)

Arcadis is a listed global design, engineering and management consulting firm based in the Netherlands.

Delftse Poort was the tallest tower in the Netherlands (up until May 2009) and is home to Arcadis' Rotterdam Office.

Arcadis had previously maintained and managed a key based locker system in the past.
Yellowbox Lockers at Arcadis OfficesYellowbox Lockers at Arcadis Offices
Arren, Head of Rotterdam Office stated that, "From the beginning, we struggled with the lockers we have. We wanted everyone to have a locker, but realised it wasn’t possible. In some offices, every locker is taken and we don’t know for how long, by who or where the key is."

If staff wanted a locker, they needed to go down to reception, and ask. Reception would then check for available lockers and then provide a key, whilst noting down on a sheet of paper, who is currently using that locker.
112 Yellowbox smart locks were installed in October 2020. The system gave 80% more staff access to a locker, whilst saving countless hours of support. Arren noted "It’s the perfect system because you don’t have to ask the receptionist for help to use it. You do it yourself, hire for a day, and that’s it."
Arren Arcadis
“For us, the data is important for the long term - we want to know which lockers are used, at which times, whereabouts is best. This is something we are learning with the data Yellowbox provides.”

Arrèn van Tienhoven, Head of Arcadis Offices in Rotterdam

Randwick City Council

Randwick City Council is an Australian local government municipality which manages multiple public spaces and venues.

One of those spaces is the iconic Coogee Beach, which has over 4.4M visitors per year.
Coogee Beach User with phoneDes Renford Leisure Centre User tapping Keypad
Randwick City Council had previously had a keypad lock system installed at Coogee Beach that encountered countless issues.

Visitors required constant assistance from lifeguards, due the reliance upon users to report mechanical failures, and lack of support. With no usage records, owners of belongings left in lockers couldn't be identified.

The Des Renford Leisure Centre previously had lockers that required visitors to 'bring their own lock'. This caused friction for visitors and countless issues for staff, needing to occasionally break locks which had been left on the lockers.
The Yellowbox system was installed at Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach, the Des Renford Leisure Centre and even the council Offices.

The intuitive system saved countless hours of support for onsite staff and provided a seamless experience for users. Yellowbox delivered a significant improvement to the councils facilities, in providing an easy to use system and users with in-app support. Through thousands of uses, Yellowbox received a 9/10 experience rating.
Anthony Testimonial
“Randwick was looking for an innovative locker system for its beaches and aquatic centres. Yellowbox suited our needs perfectly with patron reservation through an app, the ability for staff to monitor usage, and the ability to introduce charging in the future. The solution is smart and cost effective for our needs.”

Anthony Collis, Technology Manager, Randwick City Council