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Yellowbox Smart IoT Lockers at UNSW

What Is an IoT Locker?

How lockers are being used today is entirely different from before, and they keep evolving every day to fit into our daily lives. As such, new expressions emerged like ABW lockers, smart lockers, IoT lockers. So what exactly is an IoT locker?

Office with many computers

Three Keys to a Smart Office

Many elements make a smart office and many technologies can be integrated within the modern workspace. However, there are three main objectives that a smart office must achieve to match today's needs.

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Top 4 Smart Office Technologies: Beginner Friendly & Advanced

In this article, you will find two lists showcasing the top 4 smart technologies, one ideal for beginners and the other for more advanced, already smart workspaces.

Office Area

How to Manage Smart Office Expectations as a Small Business

What does it mean to have a smart office? A smart working space aims to provide the best experience for employees (the end-users), ease administration required and reduce costs for managers and owners.


Smart Locker Cost Savings Calculator

Find out how much a smart locker system will save your office space. The costs of administration and management of non-smart lockers (e.g. key or code lockers) are typically overlooked when deciding upon office lockers.

Arcadis Yellowbox Lockers

Locker Retrofitting: Quick and Simple Way of Modernising Your Space

It can be challenging to decide on whether to get new lockers. The installation process can be frustrating, and there’s a budget to consider. One question to ask yourself is why do existing lockers not work for you. If the issue is in the lock, then there’s a more sustainable option - retrofit.


Top 3 Things Universities Should Consider When Getting Lockers

Lockers are utilised in many different ways within universities. Here is a guide to how Universities can create the best locker experience for their students.

Lockers in a School

How to Choose the Right Locker for Your Location: Materials, Locks and Smart Locker Systems

Choosing the right locker can become complicated when it comes to research. You have to carefully select the best locker material for your location and look into various types of locks available.

Here is a quick summary of everything you need to take into consideration when choosing a locker.

App on a Table

How Apps Are Changing the Locker System Market

Apps today serve as event reminders, learning tools, ways to enjoy various hobbies, and other practical uses, such as processing payments. Because of a wide variety of different apps, almost every aspect of our daily lives are connected to our smartphones.
One of the new spaces apps have started finding their place in is the locker market.

Arcadis Yellowbox Lockers

What you need to know before getting Lockers for your Activity Based Workplace

In order to enable the future of work through activity-based working, workspaces need to reflect and support the values of flexibility and agility. None more important than lockers, the structure that enables flexible open plan spaces, by providing employees with their own compact personal space so they can work wherever they need.