Your smart locker system, made simple.

No more keys or cards, yellowbox is your easy to install, wireless smart locker system.

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  • Self-serve, touchless opens
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"With yellowbox, my work gets easier as I can focus on my job and if I’m going for a client meeting in a different office I can just quickly store my things."

Ashwin, Structural Engineer, Arcadis

A technology-first approach to locker management

  • Management app as a digital master key
  • Data and visibility over usage
  • Customised features for seriously smart spaces
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“RCC was looking for an innovative locker system. Yellowbox suited our needs perfectly with the app and ability for staff to monitor usage”.

Anthony Collis, Technology Manager, Randwick City Council

Simple, Flexible, Reliable

Our system doesn’t require hardwiring (electricity), Wi-Fi or a central computer.

Integration with any locker
Our wireless lock technology allows you to seamlessly install new lockers or retrofit existing ones.
Decentralised system
Since there is no central computer, Yellowbox lockers don't depend on each other to function. This significantly reduces the risk of system wide downtime.
Advanced automated reporting
Through every use, the app scans all locks to check for damage and battery levels. Non-responsive locks and locks with battery under 20% are flagged and pre-emptively disabled.
"For us, the data is important for the long term - we want to know which lockers are used, at which times, whereabouts is best. This is something we are learning with the data Yellowbox provides."
Arrèn van Tienhoven
Head of Arcadis Offices in Rotterdam

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