The hands-off storage solution that people just get

A network of on-demand smart lockers

Public Spaces
Entertainment Venues
Smart Offices

Smart Cities

  • Enhances the citizen and visitor experience and liveability
  • Community engagement and awareness of smart city strategies
  • Fully managed solution that allows onsite staff to focus on their role
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Experiential Retail

  • Hands-free shoppers are happier shoppers
  • Customers stay longer, try on more items, and spend more with yellowbox
  • Use yellowboxes for click and collect and create a 24/7 retail centre
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The Digital Cloakroom

  • Uses 1/5th the floor space of a cloakroom
  • Zero waiting times for guests
  • Cashless and keyless system
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Digitisation of workspace

  • Take control of your assets with our yellowbox facilities management tool
  • Asset optimisation for flexible working spaces
  • Gain data on how employees are sharing locker facilities
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